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Gill Sans

October 16, 2021 Thesiswhisperer
The Type Pod
Gill Sans
Show Notes

Content warning: this pod contains details of historical sexual abuse.

Due to technical issues during recording, we skip our advertised feature on Times New Roman; although fear not, we will return to Times New Roman in the future. Instead we focus on Gill Sans, and Eric Gill, type designer and religious artist... with a sideline in erotic woodcuts.

Jason warns that luxuriant facial hair combined with smock-wearing are a red flag for, and Anitra confesses some disturbing revelations about Eric Gill and Chris Pratt mean she is no longer a Fan of either one's body of work.

We agree that Gill Sans is not a typeface for beginners, and discuss the hazards of uneven proportions in letterforms. Anitra laments that Gill Sans being the “British Helvetica” doesn’t wash with Americans.

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